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Divorce Attorney in Bakersfield, CA

Dissolving a marriage often entails complex details in the areas of property division and parental rights, which is why many people retain the services of a Bakersfield, CA, divorce attorney. Barbara McDaniel Harris, Attorney At Law can offer you a free initial consultation to determine how we may be able to safeguard your rights during this challenging period.

Individualized Service

We can help you navigate the waters of child custody, prenuptial agreements, alimony, and other important subjects. Not all of these issues may be relevant to your situation, but we'll pay personal attention to those that are in an effort to help you determine your priorities. We'll aim to resolve the situation amicably through discussions and negotiations with the other party. If negotiations prove fruitless, we'll represent you in local court proceedings.

Contact Barbara McDaniel Harris, Attorney At Law if you want a Bakersfield, CA, divorce attorney by your side. To schedule a consultation to discuss your case, give us a call today.