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While some people try to tackle their own legal problems, most people are aware of the potential benefits of working with a Bakersfield, CA, lawyer. If you'd like some assistance in protecting your rights, Barbara McDaniel Harris, Attorney At Law is here.

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Legal jargon is known to be confusing and opaque, but we aim to explain everything to you so that it makes sense. We focus on family law situations like divorce, domestic violence, and child custody and support. We'll consider all the relevant variables of your case in an effort to offer counsel that's pertinent and well-informed. We're here to represent you in negotiations and court appearances.

Barbara McDaniel Harris, Attorney At Law has a Bakersfield, CA, lawyer who's available to give you personalized attention. Learn more about the potential advantages of enlisting us to help by calling our office today. We're available Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:30pm, and weekends, by appointment.